Colorado College YAL Semester Report

The Young Americans for Liberty at Colorado College has been making good progress in their

inaugural semester. Colorado College is a 2,000 student, small liberal arts college with a non-

traditional academic calendar. The year began with a recruitment drive that included tabling,

posters, and social media advertising. CC YAL has collected close to 60 contacts from this drive,

and from other events to date. We were able to grow our following from the informational

meeting, adding a few new regular members and over a dozen new contacts, in the time after

the info meeting. Our first event was a co-sponsorship of T.R. Reid, an award winning journalist

and author, to speak on his new book A Fine Mess, which tackled the problems with the

over—complex American tax code. This event allowed CC YAL to establish a relationship with

the John Quincy Adams Society on campus, and opened the door for hosting JQA’s faculty

sponsor as a speaker in the future. CC YAL campaigned for signatures in support of the

University of Chicago Free Speech Principles, which made big waves with the campus

community, and fostered a great deal of conversation both in person and online. CC YAL places

a premium on dialogue, and holds monthly meetings, specifically for guided political discussion,

that are open to the campus community. CC YAL believes these discussions are key to their

chapter mission statement: “To eloquently and respectfully represent the principles of liberty

and limited government to the Colorado College community, and to provide an avenue of

expression for liberty-minded students.” CC YAL is excited to continue fighting for Liberty at

Colorado College next semester and beyond.

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