Colorado State Says “Restore the 4th”

“If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear,” is a statement that get’s thrown around quite a bit on college campuses. When activists at Colorado State University heard of the opportunity to talk with others on campus about the 4th amendment, we jumped at the opportunity.

It is quite obvious in today’s world of technology that almost every college student owns a smart phone, laptop, and is all over social media. Privacy rights regarding that technology is something that isn’t discussed much however. On Monday, November 6th, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter set up table to have that discussion with students. Throughout our time on the plaza concerns over terrorism and national security were brought up along with many general questions about the 4th amendment. What may have come as a surprise is that many students did not like the government spying on them without a warrant, they wanted liberty.

By far the most interesting conversation we got was when a man came up to us and instantly began preaching anti-gun rhetoric. It took a high degree of patience and the input of 4 chapter members to get this individual to consider being more reasonable, but we were successful.

Following the activism our chapter hosted a viewing of the live-stream of YAL President Cliff Maloney Jr. interviewing Justin Amash on his efforts to Restore the 4th. The multiple angles we tackled this issue from truly brought life the discussion on campus and a new focus on bring back the 4th amendment!

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