Colorado State University Chapter War on Youth Event

Yours truly talking with an interested passerby.

Our Young Americans for Liberty Chapter at Colorado State held our War on Youth event on Friday, May 9. It was our last event of the semester, so we wanted to get out there and gather some new potential members for the 2014 fall semester. We wanted to go out with a bang, and that we did. The last Friday before finals week wasn’t my preferred time to hold this event, but it ended up being a great success. We received several curious students’ contact information making us very hopeful for the fall semester.

A socialist looked to discuss liberty with us!
This socialist stopped by to talk to us.

We set up right dead in the center of our university’s plaza, to attract as many interested people as possible. The weather was suited just right for this sort of event; not too hot, not too cold.  Unfortunately, we could not display our massive debt banner due to our location on the plaza and the roaming bike cops who would likely ask us to take it down. With that being said, the Debt Pong was great at attracting people to discuss issues at hand.  Fun games that most everyone on a college campus plays are great for sticking out and getting our group out there to be recognized. YAL really did a great job marketing to a specific demographic!

Our YAL chapter at CSU has had a rather slow year. With the combination of all of our previous officers graduating in the 2013 fall semester and our faculty advisor leaving the college, it can be said that this was inevitable. Coming out of the 2014 spring semester a different group than before, we are now well equipped to enter the fall better than could be expected. With a new faculty advisor and a base of dedicated members to work with, we expect to create a YouTube channel to post videos of all of our events and interviews we conduct with respected members of the liberty community. There is a lot of work to be done, but our future is looking bright. All of us here at Colorado State University wish all of you luck in our quest to spread libertarian philosophy! And on that note, I bid all of you farewell until next time.

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