Colorado State YAL Chapter Recruiting

CSU YAL recruiting table

Last week on Thursday, February 27, our YAL chapter conducted our first day of recruiting for the spring semester. We talked to multiple passersby in our limited time out on our university’s plaza and informed several people of our YAL chapter’s future events.

This semester has been slow for our chapter to get out and recruit and attract attention partly because our university’s involvement fair was canceled, but today getting out there to talk to people was an energizing thing for our group. This week we have our informational meeting planned for Wednesday, March 5, where we will host our informational meeting of the semester with a speaker from LegalShield, Kimber Korsgaard. 

Everything is starting to get exciting for our YAL chapter this year and the future looks bright. All of us at CSU send our best regards to everyone else out there in the liberty movement!

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