Colorado YAL Unites in Support of Campus Carry

Throughout the last month, Colorado state legislators have been considering a package of gun control bills. Most of our YAL members support gun rights across the board, but we didn’t want to spread our resources too thin. We decided to focus on the issue that hit especially close to home as students: House Bill 13-1226, which sought to ban concealed carry on college campuses.

Students table at CSU

YAL members from across the state quickly mobilized to show their support for the right of their fellow students to self defense. Forming coalitions with allied groups such as Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, the College Republicans, and grassroots 2nd Amendment groups, we sought to do everything we could to make our voices heard. We circulated petitions, handed out fliers on campus, organized phone and email drives to legislators, attended town hall meetings, testified down at the capitol, and even made it in the local paper.

YAL Member at the Capitol

After such a huge public outcry against the bill, its sponsor gave in and killed on second reading in the Senate (after passing in the House). The Second Amendment rights of students will stay safe in Colorado, for now anyway.

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