Columbus State Community College Recruitment Success

On February 22nd, a chapter member and I set up a table in the middle of campus square with the aim of introducing our chapter and recruiting new members. I’m proud to report that both objectives were accomplished!

We set up our table around noon, when the student traffic was the highest. We were approached by curious students almost immediately. The first interested student actually approached us as we were setting up our table. We encountered students from a large spectrum of religions, nationalities, and political beliefs. Throughout the many discussions of the day, everyone was very respectful and rational. Many conservative/libertarian students were very excited to see us on campus. The most common phrase we got from conservative and libertarian students can be summed up as, “It’s good to know we aren’t alone on campus anymore.”

We tabled from Noon until 4 pm and got a total of 23 signatures. We had dozens of thought-provoking and fun debates and discussions with our fellow students. We are excited to have our first chapter meeting especially after such a successful first tabling event!

Funny Moments of the Day: 

-A socialist student walked by and yelled: “The Socialist Revolution is inevitable!”

-Someone used the, “Who will build the roads?” argument.

-An anti-gun student tried to flip the wording of the 2nd amendment, but was shut down when we read him the constitution.

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