Come for the pizza, stay for the liberty!

For the first Young Americans for Liberty social at Walsh University this fall semester, I was worried that the turnout would be poor. Getting people interested in politics at all was a challenge in the past, but i figured there is no better way to get people to open up than a college students best friend: free pizza.

We allowed people to come and go as they please from our meeting space. However, as they would come in and out, some of them would show interest in the videos we were showing. The “We The Internet” sketches about political correctness on campus were a big hit with some of the students, given that the videos approach hot topics in a comedic manner. I was pleased to have personal conversations with those who expressed interested in YAL.

Explaining that we were a political group turned some people off, but some people expressed interest and decided to sign up with YAL. In the end we got 9 people to join out of the 30 something that showed up — a near 30% success rate in recruitment!

The moral of the story is to create an environment where people feel comfortable and open to new ideas, and free food never hurts that. Just remember not to be deterred if the event doesn’t seem to be starting well. If you make the most out of a bad situation, it might go better than you hoped from the start!

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