Come on out, Ashton.

I’m pretty sure we’re all on Punk’d. Or at least all those “anti-war” Obama supporters are. Come on out, Ashton. Where’re the cameras? You got me. This has gone on too long. Like that time you got Zach Braff.

An anti-war President? Seriously, come on. Shifting troops across borders doesn’t count. You’re not fooling us. But since Obama diddeeply regret” the murder of about 70 civilians including women and children, it’s all good.

Afghan police are saying today that over 100 people were killed in this week’s US air strike in Farah Province. 25 to 30 are suspected Taliban, while the vast majority were civilians. A Red Cross investigative team confirmed the findings, saying they had seen “dozens” of bodies in two separate locations and that civilians were still digging through the rubble of their mud-brick homes looking for others.

Read the whole thing here.

Love that CHANGE.

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