Commemorating the fall of the wall at Rutgers

This past Monday, the Rutgers Young Americans for Liberty commemorated the fall of the Berlin Wall by erecting their own symbolic wall on campus. Rutgers YAL member Aaron Williams and myself spent our Sunday constructing a 10 foot high wall which we put up on College Ave. early the next morning in a high traffic area, Brower Commons.

Berlin Wall at Rutgers

Student writing on the Berlin Wall replica at Rutgers University

The wall attracted attention from students, faculty, and even visitors to the University who were curious about its purpose. Issues of YAL’s Young American Revolution were distributed along with literature about the event. We explained to everyone the similarity of US policies currently in place to some of Karl Marx’s 10 Planks of Communism. Most students agreed that Communism was not the ideal political system, but still thought that government in the US had the right to control certain programs and facets of our personal lives. This was our starting point to explain that it was such policies that lead to Communism.

Throughout the day, one of the most liberal organizations on campus (that claims to be non-partisan), the NJPIRGS, was tabling next to us to get students to support Obama’s environmental initatives. They thought that our wall event was a brilliant idea, but little did they know that all their political engagement was only bringing us a step closer to building our own figurative wall here in the United States.

Rutgers YAL member Bhargavi Sriram distributing YAR's
Rutgers YAL member Bhargavi Sriram distributing YAR’s

Markers were provided for people to write their own comments and opinions about communism on the wall and why they love liberty. By the end of the day we had a wall filled with comments that ranged from important quotes to deep thought provoking messages, as well as a couple that did not make sense and were examples of college students’ apathy on economic matters. Here are some of the messages that stood out to us:

Message 1

Message 2

Message 3

Message 4

Message 5

At the end of the day, YAL members and students interested in helping out demolished and torn down the wall in a symbolic act of rememberance. Although most of us were not old enough or even alive to remember the actual event, our symbolic tearing down of the wall was inspiration and encouragement for all to keep up the good fight.

Tearing down the Wall

YAL members Tali Rasis and Bhargavi Sriram proud of their accomplishment

Here are some more photos from our event:

Painting the Wall

Spraying the Graffiti

Building the Wall

Writing on the Wall

YAL member Jared Fusia distributing materials

YAL member David Michelotti writing his thoughts on the wall


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