Commercial Real Estate Wants Bailout While The Banks Won’t Show The Receipts

I swear, sometimes it is like we have a crystal ball. According to FOX Business, today, the commercial real estate industry asked for a bailout of their own:

Those of us who were and still are against just about any bailout understand that this was a consequence. While those for it laughed and said it would not happen. Well here we are, we can keep bailing out like the Communists we hated so much, or we can return to a free market that this country was founded on.

Even if you were to get the money, would you tell us where it went? According to the Associated Press, the banks who got the bailout earlier in the year are not saying where the money was spent.

This is madness, and this is another consequence when you start getting into the bailing out business. If you even were for the bailouts you can not agree with this. We spent hundreds of billions of taxpayers money and they won’t even tell the taxpayers where that money has gone. You are kidding me right? This personally, just gets me more angry, let them FAIL already. These companies are a disgrace, if they want so many bailouts go to Russia, oh wait that’s right they have a horrible economy…hmm  I wonder why.

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