Common Grounds at SJU

On November 3, the YAL chapter at Saint Joseph’s University participated in a political forum called Common Grounds.  At this event, there were many speakers from all across the political spectrum that spoke about who they are voting for and why.  There were three speakers discussing Hillary Clinton, two for Donald Trump and one, our President Liam McGarry, speaking about Gary Johnson.  Common Grounds had a great turnout with well over 50 people in attendance.

After hearing the viewpoints of our key speakers we engaged in an interactive activity where we discussed important topics regarding the 2016 Election by splitting up into groups.  These include, the Environment, Civil Rights, the Economy, Higher Education and Foreign Policy.  At each table, the facilitator read platforms from Clinton and Trump, which then lead to discussion among the table about opinions and feelings.

This was a great opportunity to introduce Liberty-minded values into the political discourse occurring on campus.  The YAL chapter had the chance to express our views and opinions to the rest of the Political community.  We look forward to more interactions with other political affiliations on campus in order to facilitate deep and meaningful conversations.

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