Communism good, facism bad

Despite the fact that he is responsible for the deaths of millions of their ‘comrades’ Stalin is poised to win Russians TV station’s (Rossiya) poll for “Russia’s greatest countryman.”  The poll is officially over tomorrow, so Stalin hasn’t officially ‘won’ yet, but he’s one of the top 12.

This disturbing trend, along the same line as Hollywood’s unfortunate infatuation with Che Guevara (see Reason TV’s video on the subject) shows the renewed acceptance of socialism as a valid form of government, despite the fact that the political concept has historically failed, with millions of casualties.

In reality, of course, totalitarian governments must retain their brutality to be ‘effective’ which is, of course, right in line with Putin’s agenda of promoting nationalism to pursue an agenda.  I can’t figure out, though, how regmines, like Nazism and Facism get (correctly) scorned while Mao, Che and Stalin are idolized.

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