Concealed Carry Guns on Campus — Why Not?

Why do concealed carry licenses (CCLs) not apply on most college campuses?  The purpose for a CCL is self protection. Does one not need the ability to self protect on a college campus? Are people really that much safer on college campuses?

Let’s examine the most common objection to allowing concealed carry on campus:

Gun Control

“You can’t allow guns on campuses, crazy! Haven’t you heard of Virginia Tech?!”

The Virginia Tech shooting might have actually been preventable had the VT campus allowed CCLs.  In fact, disallowing concealed carry will do nothing to stop a deranged shooter’s plans — though it will deprive law-abiding students of a means of stopping his crime.

What would have happened if concealed carry was allowed on campuses? How differently would the outcome have been during Tech’s tragic shooting? Maybe a student or teacher could have stopped the slaughter?

No Weapons allowedI may be wrong, but I think those are very logical possibilities. So what’s the reason for disallowing concealed carry on campus?  To prevent shootings or crime? Criminals have no propensity to pay any sort of attention to gun laws, so that can’t possibly be the reason. In fact, “gun free” zones can actually encourage crime because criminals know full well that the innocent are defenseless .

Security personnel are not supermen. Their reach of protection is logically very limited. But every citizen’s reach of self protection is quite adequate in protecting the necessary area required.

Every law-abiding citizen has the right to armed self-defense. Preventing students from carrying only makes students vulnerable, especially during crisis situations.  So to make the campus safer for everyone, look into getting a CCL  — and check out Students for Concealed Carry to learn more.

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