Concordia YAL Spurs Campus Debate for Civic Engagement Week

Concordia’s YAL chapter’s president, Ian Lane, emceed for a campus-wide political debate earlier this week.

Ian Lane Representing as the Emcee for the Event

Ian helped to expand the representation this year to conservatives, liberals and the recently united libertarians from the two party norm which the campus debates operated under in the past. Two of our YAL members represented our organization in the debate, and they certainly held their own against the conservatives and the liberals, which had representation from Concordia’s very own debate team, as well. The topics addressed were Planned Parenthood, gun control, Syria, and the Iran deal, and the Libertarians were in agreement with both other parties depending on the topic and generated lots of support from the attending students.

The Liberal Representatives Answering a Question in the foreground, Libertarians at the middle table

Ian was happy with the event, there wasn’t much hostility and one student remarked that it was “the best political event I have been a part of while at Concor­dia.”

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