Congrats to these Schools…

This past weekend was the end of my offer to help YAL chapters make T-shirts, and  now I would like to congratulate the following schools for their designs and for taking me up on the offer (this is an example of the strange art of capitalism:  my VOLUNTARY exchange of capital and investment in return for a good or a product).

In no particular order, these schools will soon recieve the capital to invest in their project to advertise their school’s YAL chapter.  Perhaps if you get into contact with a representative of each of these schools you can acquire one of these shirts like I will have; it would be a good investment:

  1. Purdue University
  2. Indiana State University
  3. St. Cloud State University
  4. University of Washington
  5. Appalachian State University
  6. Middle Tennessee State University
  7. Wake Forest University
  8. University of Wisconson – Madison
  9. Arlington High School {NY}
  10. Ohio State Universitiy
  11. Case Western University
  12. Quinnipac University
  13. Texas State University

I am hopeful that YAL supporters not yet in college will consider attending these schools or recommend them to friends and family because they each have a little pocket of resistance to statism.

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