Congress, Corporatism, & NASCAR Jumpsuits

You often hear of liberty-leaners proposing good resolutions with the end of opening up more transparency and accountability in government. 

I’m of the opinion that while proposals such as the Read the Bills Act  would have many good end results, they go not nearly far enough in creating honest government.  Got a better idea? Yeah, I do, actually. I only wish I could take credit for it (credit unknown, but thanks Amber from WFU for bringing it up):

Congressmen should be required to wear NASCAR style jumpsuits to help Americans better identify their corporate sponsors.

Never underestimate the power of small yet profound thoughts; these little one-liners are some of the best activism tactics around — use them, spread them, mock the state.

(interesting thought, what would Ron Paul’s suit look like? Author update: Bonnie posted a good pic of what Ron’s suit might look like 🙂


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