Congressional Pay Grows 15 Times Faster Than Social Security Checks

The Senior Citizens League is outraged.  Turns out, Congress raises its own pay 15 times faster than it raises the money paid out in Social Security:

Seniors who retired in 1990 with the average Social Security benefit have seen their annual payments increase by just $4,967 over the past 20 years. During the same time period, members of Congress have awarded themselves pay raises totaling $77,400 per year – a whopping 1,458 percent more than seniors.

It’s not surprising, really that Congress is more interested in taking care of itself than it is in giving money to old people which it has already spent on other projects.  In response, a bill has been introduced to actually cut congressional pay by 5% next year — the first pay cut in about 80 years.  That’s a good start, I suppose (though the $4.6 million it will save in the first year is a mere drop in the bucket of the yearly budget — let alone the national debt).  But here’s a better idea:  Let’s pay dependent seniors what they’ve been promised through Social Security and then begin to actually make a real difference in this problem:  Let’s get rid of this massive entitlement program which throughout its history has proved over and over again that it is a horrible idea.  As Ron Paul explains,

it would be wrong simply to cut these programs and throw those who are dependent on them “into the streets.” After all, the current recipients of these programs have come to rely on them, and many are in a situation where they cannot provide for themselves without government assistance. The thought of people losing the ability to obtain necessities for them because they were misled into depending on a government safety net that has been yanked away from them should trouble all of us. However, the simple fact is that if the government does not stop spending money on welfare and warfare, America may soon face an economic crisis that could lead to people being thrown into the street.

Read his full take on the subject here.

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