Congressman Jimmy Duncan on Liberty and War!

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Tennessee ended October with a blast of guest speakers. We started the week out with Senator Frank Niceley speaking about industrial hemp, and ended with Congressman John “Jimmy” Duncan Jr.  speaking about war and liberty.  We received great media coverage for this event as well, just check out the video:

We had a packed room for Congressman Duncan, who represents the 2nd district that includes Knoxville.  It is worth noting that while we were having our event the College Republicans and College Democrats were having a debate. With that being said we had more young students attend our event.


Congressman Duncan is the Ron Paul of Tennessee. Duncan was first elected to Congress in 1988. He has fought for liberty from the start of his career. During the time period that Dr. Paul was not in Congress — he later returned to congress in 1996 — Congressman Jimmy Duncan held down the fight against the Federal Reserve, often as the only member of Congress willing to do so.


One of the most controversial votes Duncan ever cast was for the war in Iraq in 2003. Six Republican representatives and only one Republican senator voted against the war. Representative Jimmy Duncan and Ron Paul were included in this number.


In 2002 and 2003 a striking 70 percent of his district supported going to war in Iraq. In an interview with David Allen Martin from the American Spectator, Duncan reflects on his vote to not go into war in Iraq. Duncan said, “As I pushed the button to vote against the war, I seriously wondered if I was ending my political career…. The most unpopular vote I ever made slowly, slowly, became one of the most popular.” When Dr. Paul retired from Congress in 2012, it left Duncan as the lone wolf Republican that voted against the war in Iraq.

Another fun fact about Congressman Duncan also involves Dr. Paul. In early 2012 Reason published a story about who would take Ron Paul’s place in Congress. Three Representatives were listed by Reason that could be the next Dr. No. Congressman Jimmy Duncan was the number three pick only behind Representatives Jared Polis and Justin Amash. We were thus thrilled to have him visit our chapter!

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