Congressman Justin Amash: A True Patriot

Congressman Justin Amash

A congressman from my district has been a true patriot throughout his first 210 days in the House of Representatives. Besides the fact that he has not missed a vote as a U.S. Representative or a State Representative, he has remained true to the standards he was elected on. He was one of only 22 Republican Congressman to vote “no” against the Boehner Bill on Friday and the Budget Control Act of 2011 on Monday. 

He has a policy of posting every one of his votes along with a brief statement as to why he voted yes/no/present on his Facebook Page. After voting on Monday, he posted a statement on the failure of Congress to effectively address the detrimental debt problem our country finds itself in.  It opens with:

The Budget Control Act trades $21 billion in cuts next year for a debt ceiling increase of $2.1 trillion. That’s one penny in cuts for each dollar of new debt. The bill does not seriously address the drivers of the federal government’s fiscal crisis.

I did not follow Congressman Amash much during his campaign, but later I did some quick research and have grown to like him more and more throughout his service. 

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