Congressman Walter Jones (R, NC-3) talks about the War on YOUth

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On April 15, Representative Walter Jones came to North Carolina State University to talk about the rising national debt and why America should end its foreign military intervention at the War on YOUth event at NCSU. He began with by talking about how he got into the liberty movement, and how the movement’s views are critical to restoring America.

Originally, Rep. Jones was in favor of an expanding military, coming from a military district. However, after seeing firsthand what these conflicts do to the soldiers who come back, and hearing about the ones that don’t, he could not support it, and is now opposed to military interventionism. He strongly believes that these conflicts are only hurting America and innocent people. Rep. Jones is also part of the liberty caucus led by Rep. Justin Amash, and meets regularly with these similarly minded Congressmen and women to talk about how to push these ideas of liberty forward.

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Representative Jones also explained how the rising national debt is out of control, and will hurt younger generations of Americans later. He explained that paying for the poor decisions of the current government with the money of future generations is unsustainable, and will ruin the future economy. He talked about how watching websites like spin rapidly out of control is greatly upsetting. Rep. Jones ended this thought by reiterating his commitment to future generations: “I am a person that believes sincerely that your future is more important than my future because I’m 71 years of age. I don’t have that much of a future left. You do.”


In order to promote for this event, we tabled four separate days in different high traffic areas on campus.  We were able to engage tons of interested student and were able to collect over 30 sign-ups from interested students. We also decided to chalk multiple locations across the campus to help get the word out.


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