Conservatism’s Future: Young Americans for Liberty

Our new Director of Outreach, Jack Hunter, wrote a fantastic article highlighting the growth and success of our organization, as well as the parallels of our movement with the Goldwater movement of 1960s.  It is truly a must-read (or a must-see)!

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is the United States’s premiere conservative and libertarian youth activist organization, with 26,000 members in 286 campus chapters nationwide. Patterned after earlier, once-dominant groups like Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) — which organized and rallied much of the grassroots muscle behind Goldwater’s campaigns — YAL initially grew out of “Students for Ron Paul.” Since its founding three years ago, YAL has exploded to become the largest conservative youth activist organization in the country. In fact, its size is unrivaled.

Read the article here: The Daily Caller.

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