Conservative and Libertarian Groups Call for Consideration of Defense Spending Cuts

Today, a large number of influential conservative and libertarian organizations signed onto a letter stating that Republican lawmakers should also consider cutting defense spending. The letter states:

Proponents of a larger Department of Defense budget have argued that security outlays should be weighed against mandatory spending levels, suggesting that explosive entitlement growth serves as an appropriate metric for defense spending. This not only ignores the unsustainable nature of entitlement spending but also the reality of defense spending, which has increased by 86 percent since 1998.

Defense spending, like the rest of the federal ledger, has grown substantially over the past few years. Under President Bush, military spending averaged 3.9 percent of GDP. Under President Obama, it has averaged 4.9 percent a full percentage point higher. It is outrageous to assume spending under the president who launched the War on Terror, started the Department of Homeland Security and began the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is not sufficient for even the most hawkish member of Congress.

And yet, defense spending continues to enjoy protected status. The Pentagon is slated to spend $6.5 trillion over the next ten years  equal to the current projected deficit spending in the same time period. Ignoring the burden military spending places on the taxpayers promotes the same reckless spending ethos that led to failed “stimulus” policies, government bailouts and a prolonged economic recession.

Click here to see the entire  letter along with signers.

I am very proud that the organization that I work for, FreedomWorks, has taken a principled position in realizing that we must cut government spending across the board. The Department of Defense is no stranger to waste and abuse.

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