Conservative Student Coalition Shuts down Million Student March

Recently, a nationwide effort to raise support for a $15 minimum wage, forgiveness of all student loan debt, and tuition free public universities spread across college campuses. This effort was named the, Million Student March. 

YAL President

One of the rallies were organized at the University of New Mexico by the liberal students and their organizations, including the University’s communist club, the Red Student Faction. 

Once we heard of this, Young Americans for Liberty began organizing a counter protest and reached out to conservative students across the college campus. Young Americans for Liberty had support from students from conservative groups like Young Americans for Freedom, the College Republicans, Students for Life, Students for Rand, and from other conservative students, many of whom decided to jump in with us as they were walking by. 

Four of the conservative students alongside the MSM organizers

Once we arrived to the protest, we were immediately greeted with ad hominem attacks. We were called racists, fascists, bigots, and greedy capitalists. Organizers from the Red Student Faction had a bullhorn, and shouted these things at us using it. 

Fortunately, the Conservative Coalition led by the Young Americans for Liberty was successful in shutting down their protest. We disrupted their chants with chants of our own, we took their attention away from their own cause and directed it towards us, and for a time, we outnumbered them. 

YAF member being yelled at by organizer

We were featured in many media outlets, including the Daily Lobo, our school’s newspaper,, and a local news station, KOB channel 4. 

Brandon Aragon - Not impressed

In KOB’s review, a hysterical image came about that features a member of the Conservative Coalition, Brandon Aragon. He clearly was not impressed. 

I’m extremely proud of my Young Americans for Liberty team, and I’m excited for the newly established Conservative Coalition at the University of New Mexico!

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