Conservatives against Unconstitutional Undeclared Wars

I recently took part in a “Conservatives against Unconstitutional Undeclared Wars” event, which can be easily duplicated in any area. We set this rally up in about a week and a half, and there were about 240 people there at one point!

We got news coverage by the Charlotte Observer (largest news paper in NC) and a local tv news station. We made some emails to people like Gary Johnson, TMOT, Jordan Page, and had some local representatives. Almost everyone we asked to come came. We sent out some press releases (further down in the post). We have a great group of liberty fighters here in Charlotte. We banded together and made this happen.

We did concessions and a raffle. We raised over $2,000. We asked all the speakers to bring something to put into a basket and we raffled off the basket. Many brought books autographed, and one person donated some silver. Gary Johnson gave the winner a VIP ticket to dinner with him. 

I feel that this was a great success. If anyone needs any help with any rallies, feel free to contact me!

My speech from the rally can be viewed here.

News coverage: 

Below the jump is the press advisory we sent out.



Daniel Rufty

704 302 7425



Conservatives Against Unconstitutional Undeclared Wars

Charlotte, North Carolina, July 9th, 2012 – On July 21st, 2012, a local group of conservative republicans will be gathering on the corner of East Trade and South Tryon to express their concern for the continuous war-mongering and militarism our federal government is involved in. We believe in the law of the land and understand that in order for our country to go to war or display acts of war, it must have congressional approval as laid out in article one, section eight of the US constitution. Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson will be speaking at the protest as well as Republican Nominee for NC State Senate 38, Richard Rivette, local preachers like Dean Sisco, and other local tea party leaders. These unconstitutional undeclared wars are driving our country into bankruptcy and are in actuality creating enemies instead of friends around the world.


I served 4 years in the Army after signing up in 2005 to fight the good fight and defend my country but my time in the Army changed my perspective. I had more time to reflect on my new reality after I sustained an injury to my ACL in my left knee. The consequences of battle not only include physical injury or death but also mental illness. In fact, this year more soldiers have died from suicide than have died in combat. War has never been pretty but no one should be put through the moral dilemma of these unconstitutional undeclared wars. Our brave men and women pride themselves in good morals but are put into situations that do not conscientiously feel like they are doing the right thing which has led to the devastating number of suicides. Simply put, these wars are not defensive wars, they are offensive wars. These wars are not about security, but about protecting corporate interests in weapons, oil, and security. We have been in Afghanistan for over 10 years with no success. This is the longest war in US history, longer than World War II, and longer than Vietnam. Is the cave hunting, IED placing terrorist worse than Hitler? No way. The perpetual bloodshed will never end because of the trickledown effect of creating more enemies the longer we occupy their territory. Every time we kick down a door or blow up a village, we create enemies. The innocent who have died have family and friends that want nothing more than to make those people that killed their loved ones pay.


Conservatives Against Unconstitutional Undeclared Wars will ask attendants to sign a petition supporting HR 5993: Syria Non-intervention Act of 2012. It reads, “To prohibit the use of funds available to the Department of Defense or an element of the intelligence community for the purpose or which would have the effect of supporting, directly or indirectly, military or paramilitary operations in Syria by any nation, group, organization, movement, or individual.” We believe the US Constitution’s foreign policy is the correct approach to defense which involves America with the world through trade, not violence.




WHEN: Saturday, July 21st, 2012


WHERE: On the Corner of East Trade St. and South Tryon Rd.


TIME: Starts at 11:00 a.m. until 3 p.m.



Daniel Rufty

704 302 7425

This is the Facebook link for the event

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