Conservatives Split On “Keep America Safe” Video

lizThe new video that was recently released by Keep America Safe has been met with nothing but controversy. Perhaps what was most controversial was how the ad questions the patriotism of Justice Department lawyers and Attorney General Eric Holder.

Many from the right have overtly criticized Liz Cheney for her tactics used in the video, including members of the Federalist Society and even her former law Professor Richard Epstein. “There’s something truly bizarre about this,” Epstein said.“Liz Cheney is a former student of mine — I don’t know what moves her on this thing.”

The Brooking Institute’s Benjamine Wittes issued a joint letter last Sunday criticizing the video and even went further calling it a “shameful series of attacks” which were “unjust to the individuals in question and destructive of any attempt to build lasting mechanisms for counterterrorism adjudications.”  The letter mentioned how John Adams once defended  British  soldiers after the Boston Massacre. I guess  perhaps this would mean that the Cheneys would question John Adams’ patriotism?

 The ad goes further to describe those 7 lawers “The Al Qaeda 7” and even insinuated that the values of those lawyers were similar to those of the terror suspects.

The politics of fear and swear tactics are nothing new from the Cheneys, Bill Kristol (also a member of Keep America Safe),  and anyone else who share their radical views. Of course to these people the Constitution is completely obsolete. The hatred of Habeus Corpus, the support of the PATRIOT Act, the desire for more undeclared, unconsitutional wars and torture puts these “conservatives” pretty much on the same agenda as the Obama Administration.

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