Constitution Day

Before I talk about Constitution day, I’ll be talking about our YAL chapter at Wright College. We had our first membership drive on September 12 and went great! I wrote a blog post about the drive but due to technical difficulties, it didn’t post. The chapter is slowly but steadily forming and seems to be getting positive attention on campus.

Now, time to talk about the topic you clicked on this post for – Constitution Day. This year it was on Sunday, but I decided to do it on Tuesday in order to get a better turnout. For this event, I personally handed out all the Constitutions with fliers containing general information about YAL. Over 100 people received their own copy of the US Constitution, for many, it was likely the first one they’ve ever received. It was great seeing the mix of reactions from people. In general, they were positive but I came across some students, and professors, with a very negative attitude. One student told me ” No thanks, I’m not interested in the US Constitution” when I offered him a copy. 

Overall, Constitution Day was a complete success. I was able to help educate some students who are indoctrinated in class every day to believe feelings are more important than freedom of speech, or that owning a gun hurts all of society. Hopefully, we could get some more students, and professors to read the Constitution.

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