Constitution Day 2015!

Happy Constitution Day from the Bethany Chapter in West Virginia! Today was a very sunny, successful day for us on campus. We all enjoyed sitting in front of our cafeteria with our friends from the History Club and taking turns reading the Constitution aloud for all of campus to hear!

Vice President, Advisor, President, and Secretary together on Constitution Day 2015

We spent two hours at a table, passing out the copies of the Constitution and pamphlets with reasons why the students should join our chapter. While we took turns reading, the other members and myself talked to students on their way to the cafeteria about why Constitution Day is important and the reasons why they might need to know what it entails for the future.

When we were not reading aloud, the members would follow along with their own copies. We also engaged several students to converse and come to the table. Jacklyn Vealey (Vice President) spent some time talking about political issues that are important to her. 

We had a fantastic time collaborating with the History Club for Constitution Day. Many of the members are close friends with our members and we look forward to hopefully collaborating in the future as well. 

Speaking of the future, our members are very excited about Yaloween in October. We plan to have a table in the lawn in front of the Library and share with the students the Amendments that have been “killed” and violated. 

We also have proposed our chapter to the school’s Student Government Association, so we are just waiting to hear back from them to see if the other clubs on campus voted to make us an official club in the eyes of the college.  We are extremely confident in the fact that we will become a club by this next Thursday!

We look forward to expanding our chapter and our influence and presence on campus!​

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