Constitution Day and Economic Freedom

Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Texas at San Antonio showcased a “Black Market” display during Constitution Week. If the Federal Government does not have the authority to ban these items under the enumerated powers in its founding document, why should it be allowed to?

Our Table

The Black Market

Many UTSA Roadrunners were delighted by the Constitution Day Quiz and all those who  participated received Dum-Dums or Air-Heads  (for NOT being a dummy or an airhead). We passed out just under 100 Constitutions and had 30+ roadrunners sign our contact sheet.  

Taking the Quiz


The tabling event got livelier when we had people stop by to argue about how harmful Raw Milk is. We politely explain how that’s not the point of Constitution Week, made friends, and continued to raise awareness. All in all, we had a very successful event and more pictures can be found on our Facebook page.


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