Constitution Day at Franklin & Marshall

To celebrate Constitution Day at Franklin & Marshall we decided to hold our first Free Speech ball of the year. In addition to the ball, we passed out pocket Constitutions to students. The Free Speech Ball event was a fun and great way to get people to use, talk, and think about their free speech. When people came up to the ball they were generally hesitant at first, not understanding its purpose and thinking it might represent something they were not comfortable with. However, when people realized they really wouldn’t be judged for what they wrote on it they soon began to gleefully write their thoughts on the ball, editing and admiring

 what others wrote, and creatively using the ball to make pictures, statements, and jokes that they felt expressed their feelings. By the end of the event many people that walked by the ball clearly still seemed to be purposefully avoiding but at the very least the ball did seem to make people willing to more openly express themselves, hopefully, more events like this in the future will have a compounding effect and really get people talking!

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