Constitution Day at GCC

Young Americans for Liberty was honored to host Attorney Marc Victor at Glendale Community College on Constitution Day to provide students with professional insight on the direct infringement of their constitutional rights by the ever – expanding federal government. Youth liberty activists and ordinary students alike were astonished by the reality of the constitution being torn to shreds before their eyes by a handful of career politicians in Washington. 

Attorney Victor spreading the message of liberty.  

Attorney Victor assisted in mobilizing the next generation to promote the cause of personal and economic freedom, despite such crippling regulations being imposed on our free market society by special interests. We became eager to take their first step in the liberty movement and resist today’s Orwellian government and return power to the people. Mr. Victor spoke of the wrongly incarcerated citizens of this country he’s helped free from the shackles of the state and urged all who attended to fight for the bill of rights. 

Attorney Victor answering students' questions.

People of all ages attended our chapter’s first meeting and everyone left with a memorable experience. The mission of YAL made a strong start at GCC once again and is sure to be carried out by generations to come. 

Our audience attentively listening to Mr. Victor's insight. Attorney Victor intently hearing students' concerns.

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