Constitution Day at Grossmont College.

Grossmont College’s annual Constitution Day celebration just happened! The campus had a visit from the Sons of Liberty group who were dressed in period costumes, several “Free Speech Walls” and a group of students from the college’s radio station playing music and running reports on what was going on.

For YAL Grossmont chapter’s part we had a stall in the campus Quad right near to the radio’s stall, from here we repeatedly engaged with the students who walked by, getting to chat to them and hand out both our stack of pocket constitutions and our message of Liberty on campus.

Our stall in the campus Quad.

It turns out that even Grossmont’s professors are getting engaged with Liberty! I met more than a few students whose professors were giving extra credit for knowing information about the constitution and who were more than eager to take a pocket constitution to read, we also had an Administration of Justice professor who took a pocket constitution and one each of our spare materials “Our Flag” and “How Our Laws Are Made for his class to use”!

All in all it was a great day with very interesting people from students, to professors, and even a traveling Hindu monk from a local temple who praised our chapter’s work and was great to chat to!

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