Constitution Day at Grove City

Last week, on September 18, Young Americans for Liberty at Grove City College participated in Constitution Week by creating a giant copy of the Bill of Rights and displaying it in the HAL courtyard (between our student union and our main academic building).

As students passed by, we encouraged them to sign the giant Bill of Rights in support of preserving the first 10 Amendments of the Constitution, which promise to protect us from an oppressive federal government. A lot of students were eager to sign it, many of them likely recognizing how the government has ignored and even trampled the rights described in this document.


After students signed the Bill of Rights, we urged them to sign up for our chapter, and handed them YAL pocket Constitutions, which contained additional information about Young Americans for Liberty and our group. Particularly interested students were also encouraged to take copies of The Law by Frédéric Bastiat.


By the end of the day we ran out of Constitutions (more than 120 of them!) and had received dozens of signatures on our giant Bill of Rights. The members of our chapter were pleased the results of the day and look forward to spreading the message of liberty at future events and meetings!


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