Constitution Day at Penn State YAL a Huge Success

Penn State Young Americans for Liberty honored Constitution Day last week by creating a Free Speech Wall and handing out free Constitutions to the student body.  We held this event on the steps of the iconic Old Main building at Penn State’s campus, where many students commute to and from class. 

YAL's Table

No other groups on campus celebrated Constitution Day, which helped make our chapter’s event stand out. Some students were timid at first, but they quickly warmed up to the wall and became engaged.

Students Start Writing

Many students spent quite a bit of time at the wall both writing their own opinion and reading the thoughts of others. Our chapter members, many of whom are new, engaged students in conversation, which in turn garnered the interest of many.

Student Views the Wall

Student Writing

We even had many school administrators interested and praising us for our event. By the end of the day the wall was covered with the thoughts of many of the students at Penn State.  Penn State YAL even got an article written in The Daily Collegian, the school newspaper, the next day!

The Wall

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