Constitution Day at Rhodes College!

We had a very successful Constitution Week event at Rhodes. It included a Founding Father handing out pocket Constitutions and palmcards while interacting and discussing issues of liberty with the students. It was quite interesting how many people we were able to find who, while not wholly with the liberty movement, were able to agree on the basic principles of individual liberty, especially with regards to the drug war and foreign wars. We were able to get over 18 people to sign up! We handed out over 90 pocket Constitutions! 

The Table of Liberty Swag! 

Above, the Constitution Week table of liberty swag!

Thomas Jefferson Discussing the Constitution with a student

Above, Thomas Jefferson discusses liberty and the Constitution with a Rhodes student!

A Fellow Rhodes YAL Member Asks Jefferson A Question

Above, a Rhodes YAL member asks Jefferson a question!

Constitution on the Run! Jefferson does spontaneous Constitution handouts!

Abpve, spontaneous handing out of Constitutions on a run through campus!

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