Constitution Day at Rutgers University

Thursday the 17th was Constitution Day, and colleges across the United States celebrated and showed their appreciation for this founding document. The Young Americans for Liberty at Rutgers University were no different, as members spent a good 5 hours tabling in one of the most high traffic areas on campus to raise awareness and test students’ knowledge.

Custom-made constitutions provided by YAL National were distributed to students who signed up for our group and showed interest in what our group offered. We had a box of conservative and libertarian books that we were giving out to anyone who could name all ten first amendments of the Constitution — we had zero students able to list all ten, and kept tally of this on the sidewalk in chalk for everyone to see. The greatest number that were listed was seven, by a student in the ROTC program. We also wrote out a good chunk of the Constitution along the steps we were tabling at in chalk, as it attracted attention and was an attempt to familiaize Rutgers students with this not-so-familiar document that they should be better acquainted with.

Overall, Rutgers YAL collected over 100 names of interested members and attracted the attention of many more students.

Chalking on the steps of Brower Commons

Our post for the day

Constitution on the steps of Brower Commons

Gathering new membership

Preparing the table for the day


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