Constitution day at Southeast Missouri State University

The SEMO chapter of Young Americans for Liberty kicked off (literally) their Constitution Week celebration with a giant soccer ball, a couple of sharpies, and continual flow of outspoken students. We handed out pocket constitutions to everyone who participated, and invited fellow students to our meeting.

Close up of our free speech ball

Chapter Treasurer Anna Richter writes the first words

“What am I supposed to write?” was the opening question time after time, always answered with an enthusiastic “Whatever you want!”. It was wonderful to see the smiles that broke across student’s faces when they realized that they had the opportunity not only to draw all over something with a sharpie, but also to share their views on campus in such a unique way. Having the chance to bring their attention to the first amendment, and how important it is to uphold was fulfilling beyond measure.

  Fellow Redhawks snap pictures of their contributions

Thoughtful input on current issues from students on campus

One of the more interesting contributions bashed the Constitution itself, which gave us the chance to think deeply about the importance of protecting ALL free speech- even if it is in opposition to free speech itself. A student who came by later actually crossed out the word “screw” and wrote “support” the constitution, shedding light on free speech in disagreements. 

"Screw" or "Support" the Constitution?  

Bible verses, blurbs about other student organizations, messages to friends, and of course vulgar words peppered the ball, leaving an inspiring trail of thoughts that once belonged solely to our peers. While many of the things on the ball were less than intelligent, there were a number of thoughtful, intelligent points that truly drew out the libertarian spirit in the event.  

We received a box of “Atlas Shrugged” copies from the Ayn Rand Institute and the Charles Koch Foundation, which we were able to hand out to meeting attendees.

Copies of Atlas Shrugged were given out at our meeting

Constitution Day 2015 at SEMO was incredibly inspiring and memorable. Along with educating people about the first amendment and how important it is, our chapter had a fun filled day that strengthened our bond as both activists and friends. I know we are all looking forward to next year! 

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