Constitution Day at St. Edward’s University

Not too long ago, YAL at St. Edward’s University celebrated Constitution Day with a variety of things. To capture people’s attention about one of our most scared documents, we made a little replica of the Constitution for people to come by and sign to show their support and see how crazy their signatures could get!

Filled it up with signatures!

Much time was dedicated to making the infamous “We The People” line at the top, and to write out the preamble as pretty as possible. The rest of the huge sheet of paper were for people’s signatures. Along with advertising for the chapter and the meeting that would occur later that night, we were giving away our copies of the Constitution like hot cakes.

Later that night at the meeting, we had some new people show up, and we all discussed vigorously about how to interpret the Constitution and to clear up any discrepancies that anyone might have had. The discussion got a little crazy when we were going over specific amendments, but it was humbling nonetheless. Overall, Constitution Day was quite the success!

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