Constitution Day at the Kazakh Presidential Palace (…or Severance Hall)

For Constitution Day 2011, YAL at Case Western Reserve University set up outside the Kelvin Smith Library and Severance Hall

Chapter President, foreground; Severance Hall, background

(Severance Hall, home to the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, $50 tickets, and a $60 million “Center for Future Audiences,” also had a cameo in the 1997 feature film Air Force One starring Harrison Ford, as the Kazakh Presidential Palace.)

Severance Hall as the Kazakh Presidential Palace in Air Force One

In all, we gave away 133 YAL Pocket Constitutions and a few dozen YAL “Philosophy of Liberty” Palm Cards, and many cheerful wishes of “Happy Constitution Day!” — which actually elicited quite a few more happy (if occasionally befuddled) responses than we expected.

We hope we did Harrison Ford — ahem, President James Marshall — proud.

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