Constitution Day at UGA

Bad picture of me

Who's got a better banner?  Nobody

Constitution day RULES!!!

We need help with our signs, I need help with my sign

We had competition

YAL-UGA had a great day in beautiful Athens football weather to pass out flyers and Constitutions.  We had new and old members show up through out the day to help the chapter grow here in Clarke County. 

No doubt countless cars and pedestrians saw our signs and banner.  We collected untold numbers of signatures to prove our community’s support for Dr. Paul coming to visit (Jeff Frazee, Jared Fuller:  Please take note).

We have committed to further petitioning after hours for the coming months.  YAL-UGA is excited and begining to get organized.  Here’s to a band of misfit libertarians trying conform around the Campus Student Organization and YAL national!


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