Constitution Day at UW-Whitewater


To celebrate Constitution Day, YAL-Whitewater teamed up with Whitewater’s Student Government to hold an activism event that celebrated the very principles this country was founded on. We spend Sunday morning preparing by prepping our constitutions as well as covering the sidewalks with chalkings. The event itself was a success as we got the word about YAL out. Partnering with WSG was mutually beneficial as it allowed us to distribute a large quantity of constitutions as well as have genuine conversations with people regarding topics such as modern interpretations of the constitution. This event was covered by Royal Purple, our school’s newspaper, who not only wrote about the event, but also interviewed our President, the WSG intergovernmental director, and YAL’s director of free speech. We look forward to working with WSG on political events in the future as well as developing better relationships with more groups on campus. We look forward to continuing to spread our message and, as always, Making Liberty Win.

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