Constitution Day Handout

For the past few weeks, YAL at the College of Charleston, along with College Democrats, College Republicans, and Turning Point, decided to work along side the Political Science club to have a Constitution hand out the Tuesday after Constitution Day to provide a copy of the U.S. Constitution to college students on campus, while also giving ourselves an opportunity to promote our organizations. While the conservative alliance that was created between YAL, Turning Point, and College Republicans showed up and went through with the event, College Dems, the Poly Sci Club, and the other smaller organizations that initially decided to join, were absent from this event. While this may be meaningless to most of Y’all reading this, it shows that our alliance together has given us the ability to reach out to other students better than our counterparts. Looking at the event itself, we only received 4 signatures, but we made a presence on the campus of constant activism, especially for our strong support of the Constitution, its restrictions on the government, and its recognition of our inalienable rights. While the size of the event was not to the magnitude that we thought it would be, we made the best of the situation and still showed that the conservatives and libertarians were here to defend our rights, and had an active role on the campus.

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