Constitution Day is this Friday. Let’s get the Constitution in the news!

Constitution Day 2010 has nearly arrived, and if your YAL chapter is planning an event, YAL National is here to help with the publicity.

In fact, (almost) all the work has already been done for you!  You can get local and campus media coverage for your chapter, your event, and the Constitution in just three easy steps:

  1. Visit the new Resources section of the YAL website if you haven’t already done so and download the new press release template specifically for Constitution Day.
  2. Edit the press release template so it has all the correct information about your group and an enthusiastic quote from your chapter president or media relations person.
  3. Send your edited press release to YAL’s media intern, Emily O’Neill, at  She’ll check it over and work with you to get it distributed to local media.  This is the most important step!  YAL has access to extensive media lists which can really boost your publicity campaign.

Try to send your press release to Emily before your event so members of the media have the opportunity to attend.  However, if you miss that deadline, it is still vital that you send out a press release after your event is over.

In fact, the amount of press attention you garner is a major part of your chapter’s entry into YAL’s Constitution Day activism contest! 

All activism events will be judged on creativity, the number of students recruited, the quality of the pictures and/or video taken, media coverage earned, and the quantity of students effectively educated about the constitutional message.

To enter this contest, please submit a full description of your activities to after your event. Winning submissions will include a detailed description of your activism idea, the number of people you recruited to your YAL chapter, quality pictures, news stories reporting on your event, and any other creative details you can add to make your chapter stand out — especially a YouTube video. 

I cannot emphasize enough:  Take as many pictures and record as much video footage as you can.

Not all these criteria must be included, but it is strongly recommended that you thoroughly document your event. It is wise to assign at least one member of your chapter to be responsible for taking pictures and recording video.

Here are the prizes!

First Prize:  A liberty-themed HD flipcam — $200 value!

Second prize:  A large, vinyl YAL banner — $50 value

Third Prize:  Five copies of Tom Woods’ bestseller, Nullification — $50 value

The competition for the best Constitution Day events ends on Friday, September 24th.  Make sure you submit your complete activism report to before the contest is over.

In the meantime, please begin your press campaign immediately.

Constitution Day is this Friday!  Let’s get the Constitution in the news!

For liberty,

Jeff Frazee
Executive Director, YAL

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