Constitution Day making the news at MSSU

I’m happy to report that the U.S. Constitution is still appreciated by the student body at MSSU. Although my university (or any of the other clubs) had no events planned for this important day of recognition, we Young Americans for Liberty took the initiative to host an event to hand out pocket constitutions, as well as tabling in order to give out information about YAL in attempt to recruit members.

News interview

About an hour before the start of this event, I received a phone call from a local news station that they were on their way to interview me for a segment on KSN’s nightly news titled, “Brad’s Beat” by Brad Douglas.

Read the story here:

Brad helped with my success at giving away nearly 100 pocket constitutions.  Although none of the students I talked to that day knew it was Constitution Day, they were very enthused.

sign up

We received several sign ups as well, and we had a blast. One of the first students who talked to me proclaimed that he had just became a U.S. citizen the previous day, Sept. 16th, which was very touching as he told how happy he was to become an American and appreciated our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Freedom for all

A very funny moment happened as well when a couple of young girls who were extremely interested in joining YAL saw another friend of theirs walking by the table. Their friend was in a hurry to class, so the girls who were signing up yelled to their friend, “Come back here and prove you aren’t a communist!” We laughed very hard with this humorous group of girls.

YAL sign up

Although it was one of the most windy days on campus this year and we chased material that was blown away with the help of the news reporter, the Constitution Day at MSSU was a complete success and I am happy to have helped my fellow students understand their rights. 


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