Constitution Day @ Umpqua Community College

I live in Roseburg, Oregon, a meager town of 23,000 people, most of whom are staunch conservatives. The exception is our community college, where we’re taught that the free market is the source of problems like poverty and exploitation worldwide. In fact, I’ve even had a professor threaten to call security on me for pushing back against his pro-socialist teachings.

So, instead of playing the teacher as his own game, I decided to create my own: Young Americans for Liberty @ Umpqua Community College. This will be a philosophical group that will talk about the principles of free-market capitalism and civil liberties. I kicked off this new YAL chapter by collecting 30 sign-ups on September 17th, 2012 while displaying a free speech wall and handing out copies of the Constitution. (Read on for lots of pictures!)

Complaining about something has never accomplished a thing. Doing something about the problem is the only solution. I proudly join the fight against the statism plaguing our great nation.

My Set-Up outside of the Book Store

Free Constitutions (donated by NCSA, LLC) and readings

Beginning. 10am

End @ 4:30pm

"Persistance and Determination has done wonders in all ages" George Washington - Valley Forge. 

Making the Wall

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