Constitution Week 2012 At GCSU

Tabling with students!

On the week of September 17th 2012 we had great success in promoting our chapter and our ideas to the student body at large here at Georgia College and State University. We made ourselves a modern day town crier for all to hear about the message of liberty and the ideas of the Constitution!

Handing out After the Welfare State!

A majority who stopped by also took political quizzes provided to us by The Advocates for Self Government and also signed up for our mailing list. We also handed out a couple After the Welfare State books provided to us by Students for Liberty. We even got in contact with someone from our economics club who said they were interested in us and wanted to promote us as well. All in all we had around 21 people sign up for our mailing list and notified of future events.

Our Table

Compared to our first meeting where we only had one person attend, we have acquired 5 new members all as a result of our Constitution Week activities. The best part, of course, is that they continue to come back to meetings — I couldn’t be happier! Although we weren’t able to get our planned free speech wall approved in time, we hope that next time we will have our activity approved in time and are able to engage even more students! We had a terrific turnout this past couple of weeks and we are getting bigger and better numbers as time goes on! 

Don’t take my word for it though — here are some more pictures we took of excited students during Constitution Week!


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