Constitution Week 2014 at NMSU!

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at NMSU celebrated Constitution Week with our most successful events to date!

We wanted to make this week big, and we did so with 5 different events. We could not decide between the Free Speech Wall and the Defend the Fourth events, so we decided to do both, and then some!

We started off the week by chalking all over campus in order to get the word out about our events.  At the same time, a few of our members worked on building our Free Speech Wall while others put together props for our NSA event.


Building the Free Speech Wall

Our Free Speech Wall on Tuesday morning was a blast.  It was pouring all day (something unheard of in southern New Mexico), but we didn’t let that stop us. Even in the rain, our tablers made sure every student who passed by had a chance to exercise their First Amendment rights. We also ensured that each passer-by received a free pocket Constitution with a flyer for our weekly meeting. We had so much traffic and so many students excited to see our event, that by the end of the afternoon, both sides of our wall were covered and we handed out every Constitution from our kit!

It's Raining Constitutions

Wednesday was the big day – or rather, Big Brother Day! We celebrated Constitution Day by having a campus-wide NSA Surveillance Awareness Day.

To start off the day, our two chapter presidents dressed up as fake NSA agents with boom mics and headphones and followed students around campus, eavesdropping on their personal conversations. This technique was extremely successful at persuading students to stop and think about how invasive NSA surveillance really is! After explaining the gimmick to students, we gave them a Constitution and a flyer for our meeting that night.

Want to know the best part of the event? Actual NSA recruiters were on campus that day at a career fair, so our “agents” decided to pay them a little visit and spied on them too! One of the agents even had the chance to give copies of the Constitution to the recruiters and suggested it as a good read and something they “should learn more about.” They were not amused!

That night, we held our weekly meeting with the topic being: Are We Living in a Surveillance State? How Mass Surveillance Affects our Constitutional Rights and Liberties. At this meeting, we broke our attendance record yet again with over 30 students present! We were even able to work with a radical leftist group on campus, Aggie Solidarity, to give a great presentation that led to an informative and heated discussion between members of both groups.

Meeting 1

Meeting 2

We finished off the week on Saturday morning by celebrating our Second Amendment rights with a trip to the Butterfield gun range! We had over 15 guns and enough ammo to last us over 2 hours! We were even joined by Congressman Steve Pearce, who had a great time shooting a few rounds with us. It was the biggest turnout we have ever seen for our gun range events. We also had a photographer from a local newspaper present! The event was such a hit, we plan to host another gun range day in November! 

Gun Range

All in all, we had an extremely successful week of events. We brought more students into our network than we have done with any other event in this chapter’s history, doubled the number of active members in our network, and raised awareness all over campus about the importance of our constitutional rights and liberties! A truly successful Constitution Week.

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