Constitution Week 2014 at Shorter University

At Shorter University YAL this year, we focused on two of the ten amendments of the Bill of Rights, the first being our First Amendment and specifically the rights to free speech and peacefully assembly.

We used the First Amendment in conjunction with the Second Amendment right to bear arms. In doing this, we had a large free speech wall that stayed up all week.

Free Speech wall

However, our main focus was a Support Campus Carry demonstration.

Support Campus Carry demonstration

In our demonstration, as seen from the pictures, we had signs that read “Our Rights Come from God,” “The Right to Bear Arms Shall Not be Infringed,” and “Support Campus Carry,” as well as empty holsters that were donated by a local gun shop that symbolized the school’s policy to disarm students and faculty, making Shorter University a criminal friendly zone.

Support Campus Carry demonstration 2

We recognize that our school is a “private” university and that the wording in the Bill of Rights speaks more directly to the public sector and government functions. However, the wording in the amendments, such as “The Right to bear arms shall not be infringed,” implies that we already had the right to bear arms before the founders wrote the document.

Shorter, being a Christian school, should then recognize that if we retained “the right” before the document was written then those implied rights must have come from somewhere. The logical Christian answer would be that our rights come from God. If Shorter is a Christian school, then why would it attempt to infringe on those rights in the first place? To some, God’s word and the promise of the founders are taken more trivially than pertinently. The problem that we see here is that if God does not give us our rights then our rights must come from man, and if they come from man, then similarly they can be taken away by man.

We as Christians and law abiding students at Shorter YAL want to be mindful and respectful of private property rights. But if laws are abided at private institutions, prohibiting them to discriminate based on ethnicity, religion, or gender, then how can the same system that claims to protect these latter groups discriminate or infringe on an individual’s most basic right to self preservation? If Shorter University is serious about being a Christian institution that protects God-given rights, then they will support those God-given rights on their own campus as well, that being, “The Right to Bear Arms.”


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