Constitution Week a Hit at Harvard!

Harvard University may be older than the Constitution, but that didn’t stop students from demonstrating their affection for our nation’s beloved founding document!

Constitution Week 1

YAL @ Harvard set up a Free Speech Wall on Friday, giving students, faculty, and visitors alike an opportunity to see the Constitution at work. Although some were perhaps shocked by the concept (it is Massachusetts, after all), dozens participated in leaving a message for the community, proving that at least one amendment still works here.

Constitution Week 3

YAlers also gave out more than 100 Constitutions over the course of the afternoon — both to students already familiar with the document and international tourists who wanted to find out more about our passion for this contract. (I think it’s safe to say that we’ve convinced them!)

From campus issues to international conflicts, the community certainly had a lot to say, and we were glad to give them an outlet to say it.

Constitution Week 4

We quickly discovered that Cambridge isn’t nearly as liberal as it’s said to be! (Don’t get me wrong: it’s still a solid majority. But we found an irate, tireless minority of libertarians to help us take them on!)

In the end, we found plenty of friends for the pro-liberty movement — new allies to help push us forward.

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