Constitution Week Activism @ Georgia Southern

Georgia Southern University’s YAL chapter celebrated Constitution Week by participating in a debate along with the College Republicans and Young Democrats. Topics included issues such as: Citizens United, Obamacare, the Second Amendment, the Keystone oil pipeline, foreign policy, and social issues. The debate was then followed by a short lecture by Dr. Michael Van Wagenen, assistant professor of history at Georgia Southern.

In the weeks following Constitution Day, we participated in a series of events and forums called “One Week, One Vote,” with the focus being on creating a more informed electorate. Each day focused on an issue such as: the debt, foreign policy and healthcare. An educational forum took place each night, with a representative from each of the political organizations on campus speaking for their club or organization.

We also created an event called “What About Peace?” where we handed out hundreds of fliers showing that Obama and Romney agree on the same interventionist foreign policy.

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