Constitution Week Activism Report

After Meeting With Speaker

Constitution Week here at Georgia College and State University was a relative success. We tabled Monday and Wednesday, September 24th and 26th respectively. We had more than 10 new sign-ups, and our tabling gave us the opportunity to talk about the Constitution and the ideas of our founders.

Due to weather and scheduling restraints, we were unable to carry out our mock NSA spying program. But we plan to give it another shot in the future.


The speaker proved to be a huge success and culminated our week nicely. He presented a personal speech on the Constitution and answered questions from interested students. We had a lively discussion on the educational system, legalization of marijuana and the drug war, and community activism. We also used our Dominoe’s gift card for the event. 

With the experience we have gained from Constitution Week, we have more resolve to pursue more liberty on campus. It is our hope that some of the people that we have interacted with take a look a second look at the Constitution and recognize the brilliance that went into founding this country. Although there are many detractors who see the United States as a flawed construct of government, we know that there is always a chance and choice for change within the system.

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